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Your dream bathroom awaits, Anchorage!

The bathroom in your Anchorage home is a place that defies traditional stereotypes. Instead, it's a place where you find solace, where you decompress from the hard day, or prepare for life's biggest adventures. At Anchorage Custom Cabinets, we recognize the value your bathroom has. That's why we believe your Anchorage bathroom deserves to be a comfortable and luxurious space. It all starts with our custom cabinets, including both bathroom vanity and base cabinets. You'll have the option between floating vanity cabinets or legged, and console sink vanity or traditional base. Whatever your style, color, wood grain, or hardware, we'll present you with the best options available. Give us a call today at (907) 917-4633 to schedule a free consultation!

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Home Equity

Like your kitchen, if you ever need to sell your Anchorage home, there's a universal truth that realtors know -- upgrading your kitchen or your bathrooms add considerable weight to home equity. When you choose Anchorage Custom Cabinets, you do so knowing that you're making your home stand out amongst the sea of Anchorage homes. Custom cabinets specifically designed for your bathroom will draw in potential buyers, giving them the peace of mind that comes with an Anchorage Custom Cabinets guarantee!

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The hardest decision you’ll have is picking up the phone today!  Our crew of experienced Anchorage craftsmen know how to walk you through the latest trends and traditional styles, all within a comfortable and affordable package for your Anchorage home.  From the moment we schedule your free in-home consultation, to walking through your options, presenting your package, design and build, clean-up and our guarantee…you’ll have confidence that you made the right custom cabinet decision every step of the way.  

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