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    Eye-popping Cabinets

    The kitchen cabinets in your Anchorage home should reflect your personal taste and style. Anchorage Custom Cabinets is here to make that possible. Our crew of experienced craftsmen in Anchorage lead the charge in quality custom cabinetry in Alaska. See why Anchorage residents have counted on our guaranteed work for all these years!

    Each room in your Anchorage home has a unique feel and charm about it. When it comes to the kitchen, you've entered the central meeting place of the house. Perhaps no where else in your home does so much life and activity occur. From romantic evenings to chaotic mornings, your Anchorage kitchen needs to be a place that leaves you with a smile. Appliances certainly do wonders, but it's the custom cabinet work that will warm your heart during each trip to the fridge!

    Just give us a call today at (907) 917-4633 to discuss all the options you have -- you won't be disappointed!

    Which Cabinet Style is Right for You?

    Craftsman cabinet styles are all about minimalism.  That means very little ornamentation with clean and straight lines.  Craftsman cabinets favor beautiful, un-painted woods such as hickory, cherry, oak and maple.

    Glass front cabinets can certainly be used throughout your kitchen, but are most often used as accent or upper cabinets.  These cabinets are meant to display the beauty within, whatever that may be.  Often embedded within solid cabinet doors, glass front cabinets can certainly be a great addition to your Anchorage home.

    These large cabinets center around a natural look and feel (similar to rustic).  You’ll often find them painted in soft colors, and distressing the paint even furthers the farmhouse look.  Cabinet panels are often raised and decorative elements give a classic charm.

    No extra panels or framing for you!  These flat front cabinet doors (often called slabs) are made of cost-effective woods such as MDF or plywood materials.  Not a bad option at all for your Anchorage kitchen.

    Is that Anchorage kitchen of yours a tad small?  Consider an open-faced cabinet setup.  Whether all or in part, this style of cabinet also allows for quick access.

    Modern kitchen cabinets tend to be minimalistic by design.  Expect little ornamentation and clean, simple hardware.  These kitchen cabinets often push the boundaries on material (metal, glass, plastic, etc…)

    Shaker cabinets are classic, flat-paneled cabinets that are clean and simple to look at.  Their informality is what makes them formally one of the favorite choices for Anchorage homes.

    Similar to Farmhouse, rustic cabinets create a country atmosphere.  Often oversized and highlighting natural elements, the matte features give your Anchorage kitchen that old-world charm.  

    Traditional cabinets often use colors like white, cream, tan, red, or wooden hues.  With raised-panels, there’s a reason traditional cabinets are one of the best choices in Anchorage!

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    Home Equity

    If you ever need to sell your Anchorage home, there's a universal truth that realtors know -- upgrading your kitchen or your bathrooms add considerable weight to home equity. When you choose Anchorage Custom Cabinets, you do so knowing that you're making your home stand out amongst the sea of Anchorage homes. Custom cabinets specifically designed for your kitchen will draw in potential buyers, giving them the peace of mind that comes with an Anchorage Custom Cabinets guarantee!